Maritime School


We train remotely and permanently in the profession: stewards /exiles,

bartenders, clinics and waiters as well as other occupations in the sea passenger fleet

About our activities

What are we doing?

The Maritime School OMEGASHIP conducts on-line and in-patient training of Stewards / Stewards, with subsequent assistance in employment. Already more than 3500 of our graduates work safely in the largest cruise companies in the world and travel around the globe.

The steward's job is to maintain and maintain order and cleanliness on the ship, assist passengers, participate in organizational and entertainment events. A pleasant bonus is the opportunity to travel and get acquainted with new people and countries.

The Maritime School OMEGASHIP, offers all comers, learn the steward's profession and learn English, as well as get a profitable contract to work in a foreign cruise company.

Than it is useful for you

Professionally required
After completing the Steward course of the marine passenger fleet at the Marine School, OMEGASHIP, you get the profession of the Steward, popular all over the world. Also among our graduates there are cases of a change of place of work, from a cruise liner to the largest hotels with a world-wide name, or employment directly to the office of the cruise company itself.

Stable salary
Cruise shipowner provides contract work with stable salary from 1000 USD per month, honey. insurance, food and lodging. And as well, no one canceled promotion to the leadership position with a salary increase.

Opening new horizons
In addition to working moments, the sea stewards often have interesting attendant opportunities. For example, working on a contract on a sea-going tourist vessel, they travel the world, in their free time they can go on excursions, and spend their free time at their pleasure, getting acquainted with new cities and people. And just perfect English.

How it works?

Select a program

You can get acquainted with the training options on our site yourself or by consulting our managers. To do this, you need to fill out the personal data in the registration form and indicate the convenient time for communication. Or contact our manager at the specified phone numbers.

When you select a course, we will sign a cooperation agreement with you. After that, we will give you the materials that you need to study before the interview. The duration of the course is from 3 to 12 months, you can find out in detail from Our managers.

Reviews of our school

The real opportunity to get to work on a cruise liner. After training offer employment - this is an interview with an employer - a cruise company. I passed the second time - at the second interview. I would have gone from the first, but I was confused. Really help in getting a job. Irina Yatsun OmegaShip Student

Graduated from the Maritime School of Omegache. I wanted to get a good perspective job. I got a job on a cruise liner in an American company. In the end: the work is normal, money is enough.

Julia Aronova OmegaShip Student

I graduated from OmegaShip, prompted and helped with the documents, the visa. I passed an interview for a contract. Thank you Ella Vaigina OmegaShip Student

Really help get a job, and repeatedly. After I did not go on the next flight I was offered an interview twice in another cruise company Mikhail Semyonov OmegaShip Student

17Years of practice
7871Graduates from all over the world
32A partner of cruise companies

Special offer


We help to issue the full package of documents of any marine specialty. We have the lowest prices.


Any kind of insurance services from the best insurance companies.


  • What are the guarantees that I will get a job after training in your school?

    You will be offered help in finding a job and finding a job. This procedure is FREE!

  • Does the training take place only through the Internet? No private courses are provided?

    You can apply for a full-time course in a free form to the address

  • Will there be additional costs, for example, for processing documents, in addition to payment for preparation?

    Yes. Additional take place is, it's not a secret. Registration of the passport, the opening of a visa to the country of the employer, the passage of honey. commission, etc.

  • How and where is the medical commission?

    There is a list of clinics where you can go through a medical commission. Clinic data have corresponding agreements with cruise companies

  • My age is more than 30 years, does it make sense to undergo training at your school and try to find a job?

    We do not have a strict upper age limit.

  • I'm from Kazakhstan / Ukraine / Belarus, can I study with you? Do you have graduates from these countries?

    Yes, we have graduates from the CIS countries who have got a job. It's not a problem. Fill out the questionnaire, indicate the best time for your preparation and start learning.


STATIONARY 15 150 ₴   / 1 month 26 250 ₴   / 2 months
  • Teaching materials
  • Live communication with a teacher
  • Executing documents
  • Employment
ON-LINE 15 150 ₴   / one payment
5050 ₴ monthly / 3 months

2525 ₴ monthly / 6 months

1275 ₴ monthly / 12 months
  • Teaching materials
  • Availability 24/7
  • Employment
(for those who have marine documents)
12 950 ₴    / 2.5 weeks
  • Teaching materials
  • Employment